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Mounting Board

We carry a variety of mounting and foamboard from Bainbridge®, Crescent®, Encore® (formerly Bienfang), and Lineco Archival Mounting Products. Please call our customer service department for pricing and availability details or refer to your ABC Moulding & Sign Supply Pricing Catalog for more information.

Bainbridge® Foamboard & Mounting Board: Regular Speedmount and Foamboard, Artcare, Artcare 2-Ply and 4-Ply Alphamount, Artcare Speedmount, Black Speedmount, Black Single Thick, and 4-Ply Photo Rag White. 

Crescent® Foamboard & Mounting Board: Acid-Free White, Black on Black, Regular White, Heat Activated, Rag, Archival Photomount, Artcare 2 and 4-Ply, Perfect Mount and Flawboard. In addition, Gator Board, Kool Tack, Regular or PreCut Coroplast® can be purchased.

Elmer's Encore® (formerly Bienfang) Foamboard: Regular, Acid-Free, Acid-Free Bright White, Black on Black, Black Single-Step, Black Speedmount, Medium Tack, Heat-Activated, MightyCore Heavy-Duty, Black MightyCore Heavy-Duty, 100% Rag Paper, and Varied Colors.


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